Peckham Cuts

Bespoke, one-off record cutting service.

We master and cut straight onto vinyl. Our dubplates are just as durable as a regular pressings and are cut with a heated diamond tip straight into the disk.

With over a decade experience writing and producing and mastering, we offer a high quality vinyl recording service with a fast turnaround and amazing value.



Included in the price is a master for vinyl, carried out on custom ATC SCM50's to the highest precision.

We don't believe in doing a rush job on the master, as we always strive for the highest quality possible. If you put your time and effort into creating it, it's only right that we put our time and effort into cutting it. We are all musicians and producers too, and as such fully understand the creative process and passion that people put in.

We want to do it the justice it deserves.


Includes mastering on custom ATC speakers, white paper inner sleeve, white card outer sleeve, blank white centre stickers.


With properly weighted needles these are as durable as a regular pressed record.